Why Choose CBD Dutch?

Why choose CBD Dutch?

We make our products from start to finish, so by choosing us you cut out the middleman. That's why our wholesale and retail prices are super low.

Why Choose CBD Dutch

We prepare our CBD oils only from organically grown hemp, and mix it with certified best quality Hemp oil.

Why Choose CBD Dutch

Our products are of the highest quality, because we are in control of all the manufacturing processes.

Why Choose CBD Dutch

The purity of our products is guaranteed due to our expert use of co2 supercritical extraction.

Why Choose CBD Dutch

All our products are laboratory tested by a qualified laboratory



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We felt there was a real need for a CBD company that was built around the needs of those customers, supporting them to understand the technical side of the product,  the legal framework that the market is in, and where it’s going tomorrow.


Two years later, this resulted in us founding CBD DUTCH.


Our goal: is to help people see the power of this plant.

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