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Taste Experience of CBD e-liquid

CBD Dutch offers a variety of flavours in e-liquid CBD. You will find that  CBD Dutch e-liquids offer a better flavour experience than other CBD e-liquids. CBD Dutch differentiates visibility by quality, purity and taste experience. Optimal pleasure!


What are terpenes?

Terpenes are organic compounds found in hemp and contribute to the characteristic taste, smell and colour of the plant. in this authentic taste of O.G. Kush is the result of the linear terpene tool for a taste of lavender and pinene for a powerful taste of pine, earth and cannabis make this e-liquid a unique taste experience!


E-liquid flavours Canoil CBD

CBDDUTCHoffers e-liquid CBD in different flavours and with different strengths in CBD. There is an e-liquid CBD suitable for everyone. CBDDUTCH CBD E-Liquid O.G. Kush enriches the natural taste of hemp. If you prefer a different taste, you can try one of the others.


Canoil offers the following flavours:

- CBDDUTCH Classic
- CBDDUTCH Strawberry
- CBDDUTCH Fruit mix
- CBDDUTCH Lemon Haze

Wholesale CBD - E-Liquids CD

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